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Past- Life Regression is a technique of hypnotherapy,  recognising our Super-conscious or Higher-self.  It is so much easier to bring about change when we connect to who we really are. Hypnotherapy allows us to still our conscious thoughts and communicate with our sub-conscious mind and Super-conscious. We carry past-life memories in our energy field and we are therefore not only a product of our life experiences since our birth in this life but a combination of all those beliefs and truths of our souls many lives. Past-Life Regression helps us to explore our past lives and rid ourselves of negative patterns which continue to have an effect on our present life. Sometimes a problem such as a phobia has been carried from a past-life or trauma earlier in this life. Our Super-conscious knows where the problem began and how to facilitate the change. Just visiting that time or life can sometimes be enough to rid ourselves of a fear or phobia, understanding where something comes from changes how we feel about it. During a past-life regression session the hypnotherapist allows the client to progress through that life as though they were a bystander watching a movie, you feel detached from any trauma and still remember the details. When we experience ourselves through Hypnosis and Present or Past-Lives we realise just how special and powerful we are. Connecting with our Super-conscious or Higher-self is a truly enlightening experience. Once experienced unconditional love and being one with the universe is no longer a mystery or beyond reach. 

£60.00 Per Session